EMPRYSS “T’kelah”

Alimat Akabashorun also known as EMPRYSS is the true embodiment of Nigerian Trinidadian-American talent. Hailing from the Tri-State area the New York native uses the influence of old School hiphop infused with today’s modern rap to create her style. Her music promotes self-empowerment and awareness for women and people of all races. EMPRYSS is a rapper, songwriter and actress armed with sensual and electrifying lyricism.

As early as eight years old the entertainer showed interest in the performing arts. From beauty pageants, to ballet recitals, EMPRYSS grasped every opportunity given to command the stage. As a teen, she attended the former Manhattan Theater Lab High School located in the heart of Lincoln Center and graduated with honors.

She received lead roles and won awards for theatrical performances and academics. Since the launch of her music career, EMPRYSS has performed in lounges, clubs, community events and stages all over New York City, Make Music New York,

The Shrine (Harlem, NYC), and Sounds of Brazil (SOB’s -NYC), Marcus Garvey Park (Harlem, NYC), Mist Harlem and Manhattan Neighborhood Network (Bea Montgomery variety show – “The Mothership”) Go Africa Harlrm Positive Queens(Domestic Violence Conference) Senator Jesse Hamilton summer Event, African-Fest (Staten Island) Lay the Guns Down Foundation to name a few.

While developing her acting career, EMPRYSS receives private coaching and has been casted in the independent film “Gang, Gang, Gang” (Millimittermac Films 2016) as a supporting role and “Afriamericans” (Pilot 2016) as Coco, a lead role.

EMPRYSS continues to develop her sound with Producer Vernor Yard who believes in her sound and style of music. Her lyrics boast themes of sexuality, love, race and her flow reflect the diverse sounds of her New York Nigerian Trinidadian background. Her new release The G.O.A.T can be found on all online internet stores.

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